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Upcoming Meetings:

meeting for details.

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General Meeting Format
Because of our mission to build strong neighborhoods and bring neighbors together, Old Ferguson West Neighbors' General Meetings begin by welcoming new attendees and introducing them to the other members.  Neighbors who live nearby identify themselves and explain where they live to the new resident.
Announcements include information about City events, Old Ferguson West events, and general information that would be of interest or concern to the members.  It also includes a reminder that dues are $5 for the year for those who would like to contribute.
If a new business opens in Ferguson, Old Ferguson West Neighbors will invite that owner to the meeting to introduce themselves and give a short explanation of their establishment.
If someone is deserving of recognition, such as being nominated for being a good neighbor, OFW will introduce them to the group and relate the details for the honor.
One of the most popular portions of the meetings is the police report.  An officer of the Ferguson Police Department comes and passes out the crime report for the month.  The officer typically will make announcements concerning police matters and events, and then open the floor for members to ask questions or relate concerns about the neighborhood that they would like addressed.
Next is the City Council report.  Usually one or both of our Ward 2 councilmen as well as the mayor come to the meetings.  They give a brief overview of what is happening in the city and then welcome questions or concerns from the members.  This is an important component of the meetings because it gives citizens direct access to their city councilmen as well as the councilmen then hearing the concerns of the citizens they represent.
Finally, the last portion of the meetings is devoted to presentations dealing with issues that the members expressed an interest in hearing.  Some of the presentations in the past have been:  landscaping ideas, city census demographics, OFW Historical District, Mueller Farm, OFW Community Garden, field trips to the new Brew House as well as the community garden and Streetcar Lofts, Live Well Ferguson, historic homes in OFW, ordinances, code enforcement, street & sidewalk repair, and the Landlord Initiative.  One meeting each year is the City Council and Mayoral Candidates Forum which is open to all Ferguson residents before the March elections.


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