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Old Ferguson West has been buzzing with activity in recent years, as rehabbers and eager DIYers have been making our neighborhood's beautiful old homes even better. Here are just a few of our success stories:
 22 S. Clark - A fire left this bungalow badly damaged. But after a lengthy rehab, that included a second story, the house is gorgeous once again.
22 S. Clark - BEFORE
22 S. Clark - AFTER

110 Spring - BEFORE

110 Spring - AFTER

110 Spring - Rehabbed inside and out, this cute little farmhouse just got a new lease on life, with a brand new exterior, new garage, gutted interior, and fresh landscaping. Gorgeous!

514 Tiffin - BEFORE

514 Tiffin - AFTER

514 Tiffin - Larry and Heather Robinett have worked miracles on their house, above. Since buying the property in July 2004, they've completely revamped it both inside and out, doing almost all of the work themselves.

118 Georgia

118 Georgia - A fire destroyed parts of this house in 2003,
leaving it vacant for more than a year. Recently, the owner's
daughter purchased the property and launched an ambitious
rehab. Storm damage has slowed her progress, but she's
working hard to get everything done

106 Tiffin - BEFORE106 Tiffin - BEFORE

106 Tiffin - In late 2003, this landmark home was slated for demolition.  After years of neglect, it had become a serious eyesore, with a rotting porch, caving-in roof, broken windows, and an interior filled with garbage. In some rooms the trash was chest-high, and moving from place to place was nearly impossible.
OFW spearheaded the efforts to save this charming home, recruiting a skilled rehabber and working closely with the owner's family to clean the house and prepare it for sale.

106 Tiffin - AFTER

This is what 106 Tiffin looks like today.
After a year-long rehab, which saw nearly every inch
of the 1893 bungalow carefully reworked and
remodeled, the house has become an inspiration for
the neighborhood. It's a shining example of what can
happen when the community pitches in, and the
right people have faith in the future of Ferguson. Bravo!


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