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Living in an old house is an invitation to explore the past. And where better to explore the past than your very own home? This page is dedicated to long-forgotten treasures found in the yards, attics, nooks, crannies and walls of Old Ferguson West. Click on any image for a larger view.

Keith & Shannon Howard keep a cabinet of curiousities in their house at 408 Tiffin, filled mostly with objects unearthed in their backyard. They've dug up dozens of old bottles and broken dishes, as well as spoons, mason jar lids, lipstick tubes, toy guns, watches, marbles, hinges, scissors, and medallions.

When they first moved in, the Howards were warned that their yard might also be hiding a urn filled with "grandma's ashes," but so far granny's still on the loose.

    Have you seen me?
This is a clinker - what's left
over when you burn coal.
In the days before regular
trash pickup, many
residents buried clinkers
and other refuse in their yards.  


While workers were rehabbing 106 Tiffin during the summer of 2004, they found
all of this behind the walls.
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