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Did you know?
Between 1906 and 1940, thousands of American families purchased mail-order homes from companies like Sears and Montgomery Ward. Arriving by freight train, a typical house kit came with more than 30,000 parts, each one pre-numbered and ready for assembly.
The Lebanon
401 Estelle, c.1920
"The Lebanon,"
Sears Modern Homes,
original cost: $1,092

The Marina
219 Roberta, c.1920
"The Marina,"
Sears Modern Homes,
original cost: $639

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Can You Dig It?


Century Homes

425 Wesley, built c. 1914 If you're captivated by the allure of old houses, you'll love Old Ferguson West. Between 1880 and 1930, as the city of Ferguson grew in leaps and bounds around the Wabash Railroad line, dozens of unique homes were built in the neighborhood.

Every May, the Landmarks Commission of Ferguson recognizes houses that are at least 100 years old. If a property is well maintained and still reflective of its original character and style, the homeowner is honored with a "Century Home" plaque.

In 2004, the Commission also created a special designation for mail-order houses, installing plaques on two Sears catalog homes and one "Lustron" all-steel house in the neighborhood. As you drive or walk through Old Ferguson West, be sure to watch for these prominent signs. They're usually right by the front door.


11 Miller Place


When this house was built in 1872,
it originally sat on five acres of land
in the middle of the neighborhood.
Today, it's just across the road from
the Whistle Stop. Recognize It? Click
here or on the picture to see what it
looks like today.
429 Wesley



Can you identify this house? It's
changed dramatically since the
early 20th century. Click here or
on the picture to see what it
looks like today.



312 Tiffin312 Tiffin








Not much has changed at 312 Tiffin, as you can see from these "then" and "now" pics. Click here or on either picture above to see a close-up of the old photo, a recent gift from the original owner's grandson.









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