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When Ferguson was incorporated in 1894, much of what's now Old Ferguson West was
included in the city's original boundaries. The area was owned primarily by two families,
the Cases and the Tiffins, both of whom built many houses in the neighborhood that
still stand today.

Carson AvenueTiffin Avenue, 1914Wesley Avenue

Georgia at Wesley

In the late 19th century, residents frequently gathered at Tiffin Hall, a building at the southeast corner of Clark and Tiffin, where they enjoyed dances, shows, and even rollerskating. Legend has it that the hall was eventually split into two separate buildings, becoming the houses at 112 and 124 Tiffin.  
Just down the road, at the southeast tip of Old Ferguson West, citizens also enjoyed the wonders of Tiffin Pond, a small lake near Maline Creek that was used for fishing, swimming and ice skating. Here's the pond in 1917.  

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