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OFW Good Neighbors

Did You Know?

Old Ferguson West is home to many interesting people, including artists, writers, carpenters, world travelers, doctors, and dozens of professionals. These are just a few of our "star" residents:
  • A columnist for Sauce Magazine
  • A custom furniture builder
  • A personal chef
  • An emergency room doctor
  • An author & writer for Better Homes & Gardens
  • A prop maker for films
  • A broadcast engineer
  • A civil engineer
  • A veterinarian
  • An editor for the Post-Dispatch
  • A media manager for Enterprise
  • A world-renowned meditation expert
  • An educator for the St. Louis Art  Museum
  • Many IT experts
  • Several teachers
  • A city attorney
  • A painter
  • Lots of homebrewers
and so many more!

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Freda Eptine

Freda is a Ferguson Postal Worker who delivers mail in the OFW neighborhood. Freda knows her residents, and , if she sees you, will always say hello. She looks after the elderly and will go out of her way to make special accommodations to meet their needs. When she saw that a resident was receiving sympathy cards in the mail, she knew that her husband had passed away. From then on, whenever she would see the resident, she would say, “If I haven’t told you already today – I love you!” When driving by in her postal truck, Freda would throw her kisses.
Freda also befriends the neighborhood children. One little boy is Freda’s little helper. When he sees Freda on his block, he eagerly rides his bike to her, gets his family’s mail, and while Freda watches, he delivers it to his home. Another child made her grandmother stop her car so that the child could get out and say hello to her friend Freda.
When people today have to be constantly on guard and suspicious of others, having a postal worker like Freda gives us a sense of trust and good will to our community.
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