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Did You Know?

Old Ferguson West is home to many interesting people, including artists, writers, carpenters, world travelers, doctors, and dozens of professionals. These are just a few of our "star" residents:
  • A columnist for Sauce Magazine
  • A custom furniture builder
  • A personal chef
  • An emergency room doctor
  • An author & writer for Better Homes & Gardens
  • A prop maker for films
  • A broadcast engineer
  • A civil engineer
  • A veterinarian
  • An editor for the Post-Dispatch
  • A media manager for Enterprise
  • A world-renowned meditation expert
  • An educator for the St. Louis Art  Museum
  • Many IT experts
  • Several teachers
  • A city attorney
  • A painter
  • Lots of homebrewers
and so many more!

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Larry & Heather Robinett

Years in Ferguson: 8
Occupation: Larry is an Operations Manager growing AT&T's Internet Backbone, and Heather is an Automation Programmer for AT&T.
Interests/Activities Outside of Work: Spending time with our children, continuing to rehab our 100+ year old house, cooking, hanging out with our neighbors, managing our rental properties, and getting Old Ferguson West's Community Garden up and running.
Fun Fact: We have 7 kids between us; 2 boys (26 and 6) and 5 girls (ranging 24 to 4) 
Comments: We feel very fotunate that we found Ferguson 8 years ago (or that Ferguson found us!) The spirit of community is strong here, and we are blessed to have so many opportunities to get involved.
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