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Garden Board of Directors

Board Chairman
Larry Robinett
Tiffin Ave., 522-3225

Director of Planning
Heather Robinett
Tiffin Ave., 522-3225

Director of Funding
xxx street, xxx-xxxx

 Director of Scheduling
xxx street, xxx-xxxx

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The Old Ferguson West Community Garden is located at the intersections of Suburban and Mueller Avenues. The address is 485 Mueller Ave in Ferguson. The lot had been vacant since the late 80's when the old house was razed and the City of Ferguson aquired the property.
The Old Ferguson West Neighbors (OFW) garden group started as a group of volunteers partnering with the City of Ferguson to find a suitable location for a community garden. Councilman Dwayne T. James, an OFW resident, was instrumental in leading the initial effort with the City and the Community.
The reason we formed was multi-faceted. We are a Tree City and many residents have no place on their property with suitable sunlight exposure to raise a garden. The OFWN association was started in 2003 to help improve quality of life and the sense of community within their boundaries. The community garden was viewed as an opportunity to bring the community together while growing healthy foods to eat. The more we talked about it the more people wanted to do it. The reasons were many, some of which are; economical means to provide food, beautify an otherwise vacant and derelict lot, an opportunity to bring neighbors and kids together for a great cause, and gardening is just plain therapeutic for many of us!
Our first official meeting was held on February 17, 2009 and we have held subsequent meetings every ~6 weeks through October to discuss issues and provide feedback. The City provided a list of vacant lots that they would allow a community garden on and we visited all of them and selected the best lot.
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Garden Statistics:

 YTD Production (lbs) =

 # Plots Still Available = 17

 GGI Volunteer Hrs =

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